Tri-ang Minic Motorways




M1670 Fly-Over Bridge Set
M1671 Gradient Pier Set
M1672 Hump Back Bridge Set
M1673 Pier Set for Hump Back Bridge
M1699 Clip-on Base for Fencing etc
M1701 Road Signs, The Motorway
M1702 Road Signs, The Country
M1703 Road Signs, The Suburban
M1704 Road Signs, The Town
M1705 Road Signs, Dual Carriageway
M1706 Six International Flags
M1707 Fencing
M1710 Telegraph Poles (six)
M1711 Street Light
M1712 Street Light, double
M1715 RAC Patrol Box
M1716 AA Patrol Box
M1717 Telephone Kiosk
M1718 Police Box
M1719 Pillar Box
M1720 Bus Shelter
M1721 Road Signs
M1725 Traffic Lights
M1726 Warning Signs
M1727 Instruction Signs
M1728 Instruction Signs
M1729 Motorway Signs
M1730 Town/Country Direction Signs
M1731 Warning and Direction Signs
M1732 Instruction Signs
M1734 Telephone Box Set
M1735 R.A.C and A.A. Set
Pedestrian Crossing with Beacons
M1746 Speed Controller
M1747 Battery Container
M1748 Speed and Direction   Controller
Early Canadian Controller

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