Tri-ang Minic Motorways


Welcome to Tri-ang Minic Motorways, a site dedicated to the Minic range of items produced in the 1960's. Minic Motorways was produced as a  companion to the Tri-ang Railways system. The range included MinicRail items that enabled the two systems to be used together

The Site is completely my own, and is done for no commercial gain what so ever. It is my attempt to share my hobby and interest with others and to provide an information resource for Collectors and those interested in the system.

The number of visitors from all over the world to the Site is amazing. It is staggering to me to find that I have had so many from Australia, Canada, New Zealand and South Africa, all places that Tri-ang / Lines Bros. had factories, and where the memories are obviously still there, as well as over 35 other countries. To all of you I say WELCOME and THANKS for visiting the site, it gives me great encouragement to continue.

Most of the photographs on the Site are taken by me using a Digital Camera which has made all the difference. Many people have been very kind and let me photograph items for the site, in fact many people have brought along items for me to include. I have also been sent many images for me to include.

There are a few images which I have acquired from a variety of unknown sources and I have included them to try and provide a comprehensive guide  My THANKS to any unknown contributors. If any of these are yours and I have been unable to contact you then please let me know and I shall obviously credit you or remove them if you wish, please remember they are only used to share information with other Enthusiasts about the Tri-ang products. Please e-mail me.  Again thanks to all.

I hope you enjoy sharing with me the delights of a tremendous range of products from the 60's.

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